Law Weapons In-House Gun-Smithing Service

Gunsmithing is a craft that has long been a part of American history and culture. Gunsmiths have been responsible for some of the most historic technological advancements in firearm history, their raw skills and artistry making them unique to the trade. Law Weapons carries forward that very belief with every firearm we work on.

Professional Services Provided

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  • General Pistol Repair
  • Pistol Trigger Work
  • Barrel Fitting
  • Ramp Throat Polish
  • Barrel Jeweling
  • Barrel Crowning
  • Undercut And Speed Cut
  • Laser Stippling
  • Laser Engraving
  • Site Installs
  • Custom Firearm Machining
  • Custom Firearm Manufacturing
  • Firearm Finishes
  • Optical Slide Cuts
  • Gunsmith Level Cleanings
  • Scope Install
  • Glass Bedding
  • Rifle Bore Inspection
  • Chamber Casting
  • Sling Eyelet Installs
  • Recoil Pad Installation
  • Glass Bedding
  • Free Float Rifle Channel
  • Scope Installation Scope Ring Lapping
  • Custom-Made Muzzle Breaks
  • Shotgun Bead Install
  • Live Round/Casing Removal
  • Tune Eject/Extract
  • Drilling Tapping And Threading
  • Stock Refinishing
  • Headspace Chamber Casting
  • Firearm Restoration
  • Firearm Modifying
  • Crane Straightening
  • Dovetail Milling
  • Reliability Package Pistols
  • Bob Hammer Spur
  • Stone And Polish Trigger
  • Bore Siding
  • Barrel Swap
  • Chemical Strip Finish
  • Niter Bluing
  • Pillar Bedding
  • Rust Removal
  • Barrel Re-Face And Crown

Profiling Barrels


Making Custom Mag Bases

Laser Cutting Custom Parts