Law Enforcement Only

Law Weapons & Supply is a licensed firearm manufacturer. We know what it takes to create a superior rifle specifically designed to meet the needs of law enforcement.

Our new line of rifles are offered at extremely low prices for departmental purchases as well as individual officer purchases. Our standard rifle package is shown below, but customizing is our specialty. Utilizing the most advanced components and accessories available today we can build a custom rifle to just about any specs you can imagine.

This offer is exclusive to LE personnel/Police departments and is not available to the civilian market. We are also a class III, manufacturer and as such are able to supply NFA weapons to police departments including short-barreled rifles, suppressed and select-fire options [restrictions apply].

All rifles listed below are built to military specifications or better and offer unsurpassed reliability and durability.

Individual Officer Purchase $799.00

LWS Police M4X Rifle

Department Purchase $695.00

Departmental purchases must be requested on department letterhead and must be approved by the chief law enforcement officer of the department. Individual officer purchases will require law enforcement credentials and are offered to active duty personnel only. NFA options are restricted to departmental purchases only. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Custom rifles may require more time to complete dependent on parts availability.

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