Update: Illinois Assault Weapons Case

Robert Bevis Owner

Dear Valued Customers and Dedicated Supporters,

We at Law Weapons want to share an important update on our ongoing legal challenge against the assault weapons ban in Illinois.

Our journey has been long and challenging, taking us through various levels of the legal system, right up to the United States Supreme Court. Your support has been instrumental in this journey, and we are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.

Recently, we took a significant step by filing an emergency petition with the Supreme Court. This petition was a strategic move, akin to a ‘Hail Mary’, aimed at immediately halting the enforcement of the ban. Such actions are seldom granted without the case fully passing through lower courts, but we believed it was essential to try every available avenue to defend our rights.

Although the Supreme Court did not grant our emergency petition, an encouraging development occurred. Justice Amy Coney Barrett requested the state of Illinois and the city of Naperville to respond to our arguments. This is a rare occurrence and indicates that our case has attracted significant attention at the highest judicial level.

We are now preparing to take the next crucial step: filing a writ of certiorari. This legal document will formally request the Supreme Court to review our case in its entirety. This comes in the wake of a ruling from the Seventh Circuit appellate court, which we believe is in conflict with previous Supreme Court decisions on gun rights.

As we continue this fight for justice, we want to emphasize the potential impact of this case. A ruling in our favor by the Supreme Court could transform the landscape of gun legislation not just in Illinois, but across the entire United States.

We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and engagement. To continue this fight, we need your help more than ever. Please consider supporting our cause further by donating through the link provided below. Every contribution brings us closer to overturning what we believe to be an unconstitutional law and restoring our cherished rights.

Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead. Together, our commitment to defending constitutional rights is unwavering and strong.


Robert Bevis and the Law Weapons Team

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