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The Avoidance of Registration and Confiscation

Law Weapons has designed legal solutions to address these unconstitutional laws.

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In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving legal landscape, firearm owners in Illinois navigate through a maze of regulations subject to frequent revisions.The uncertainty surrounding the current unconstitutional gun ban and state registration can understandably concern responsible gun owners.

Gun confiscation is much easier if guns have first been registered. History has shown that gun registries lead to gun confiscation (Canada, Germany,Australia, Bermuda, Cuba, Greece, Ireland, and Jamaica), which is precisely what’s happening in Illinois today.

It has been reported that Governor JB Pritzker of Illinois is said to have formulated an emergency order strategically poised for activation in the aftermath of any future mass shooting, despite its occurrence within the borders of Illinois or beyond.

Under this proposed order, citizens living in Illinois would be subject to a 90-day grace period within which they are expected to relinquish firearms that Governor Pritzker classifies as assault weapons. Violating this directive within the specified time frame could result in individuals facing heightened criminal penalties outlined in the emergency order.

However, there’s a trusted solution designed to provide peace of mind and legal compliance in the form of Law Locker – a division of Law Weapons Inc.

Securing Your Firearms with Confidence

Operating under the umbrella of Law Weapons Inc., Law Locker stands as a symbol of trustworthiness for firearm owners, providing a secure storage solution. Additionally, being a federally licensed firearm dealer, Law Locker alleviates the need for firearm owners to register firearms and removes concerns related to potential confiscation.

This means that gun owners can trust that their valuable firearms are being stored in strict accordance with federal law, mitigating the stress associated with changing Illinois regulations.

One of the standout features of Law Locker is its commitment to promptly returning firearms to their owners once the Illinois gun ban is abolished in the next year. This ensures responsible gun owners maintain control over their cherished possessions even during legislative uncertainty.It’s a reassurance highlighting Law Weapons Inc.’s commitment to protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding firearm owners.

Cost-effective and Complete Control for Responsible Transactions

Law Locker offers storage for handguns and long guns at a cost-effective solution. Firearm owners maintain control over their possessions within the secure confines of Law Locker. This autonomy makes sure individuals keep agency and oversight regarding their firearms. Whether a person wishes to sell their firearm to another responsible owner or transfer it to a family member or friend, Law Locker safeguards against the risk of Illinois authorities confiscating the firearms if the governor implements a complete prohibition on ownership.

The flexibility offered by Law Locker extends to situations where shipping becomes necessary due to relocation or other valid reasons. Law Locker makes sure options are available for managing firearms legally and securely, even in changing legislative circumstances.

Your Rights, Your Safety – Law Locker Advocates for Both

The central message of Law Locker is clear: your rights as responsible gun owner matter as much as safety does. By choosing Law Weapons Inc. as your preferred Federal Licensed Dealer, you gain access to secure firearm storage solutions and align yourself with a commitment to compliance with current legislation.

Law Weapons Inc., the parent company, has been fighting for your rights through legal battles against the state of Illinois and Naperville for over a year. This dedicated effort shows an ongoing commitment to preserving the rights of responsible gun owners. Law Locker is another solution to stay compliant with what we consider an unconstitutional law.

Protect what’s yours, stay informed, and navigate the complexities of firearm ownership in Illinois responsibly with Law Locker – where your rights, the safety of your possessions, and cost-effective solutions are incapable hands.

Law Locker is equipped to handle any quantity of firearms, from a single unit to a hundred. We specialize in the safe and secure storage of firearms,ensuring they are shielded from registration requirements or the threat of confiscation.

Simply contact us today or visit our store, and no questions will be asked about the registration status of your firearms. At Law Locker,we don’t ask about registration status as of a specific date; if you’re not in possession, you comply with Illinois Law.

Together, we fight for the rights of all responsible gun owners.

Law Weapons Inc.