Law Weapons Provides Cutting Edge Training

Law Weapons advanced immersive firearms training simulators allow you to put your skills to the test in a hyper-realistic environment designed to help you learn quickly and efficiently.

There is no better training for actual use of force and decision-making without going through a real-life or death situation. Our courses instantly help build confidence while enhancing marksmanship, response time, and verbal skills in a single session!

Shooting pieces of paper and pretending they are bad guys is excellent marksmanship training; however, that is not genuinely preparing you for a real-life deadly encounter. Our fully interactive simulators show you precisely what’s it like, and with the assistance of our highly trained instructors, we help make you highly prepared for your worst day.

Let us know your training objectives, and we will personalize a course of fire to meet those needs. Choose from hundreds of exciting scenarios, including interactive/moving targets, shoot houses, immersive gunfights, battlefields, shoot/no-shoot situations, and more.

Using our virtual simulator, you can safely develop those critical skill sets necessary to survive a violent encounter, such as:

  • Situational awareness and threat detection
  • Drawing from a concealed holster
  • Engagement on multiple targets and moving threats
  • Verbal commands and de-escalation
  • Shooting in unconventional positions
  • Shooting behind cover vs. concealment
  • Support hand engagements and manipulations
  • Scenario-based firing drills
  • And much more!

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